The philosophy and concept of Dubravkin put are based on the team which loves and believes in what they are doing.
Dedication and commitment to the job, unique knowledge and skills deliver delicious, elegant and sophisticated experiences.

Tibor Valinčić – chef
Robert Bašić – pastry chef
Tihomir Purišić – head sommelier

Tibor Valinčić


Tihomir Purišić

Manager and Head Sommelier

“It is my immense pleasure to see the joy on our guests’ faces. Whether we treat food connoisseurs to a new experience or just open the door to the world of gastronomy for someone else, to be a part of that moment is my greatest award.”

Tihomir Purišić has more than 20 years of experience in hospitality industry in famous bars, exclusive clubs and hotels, and some of the most renowned Zagreb restaurants. He is a passionate visitor of the world’s best restaurants and constantly “hungry” for new experiences in the world of food and drinks.

Robert Bašić

pastry chef

“Passion, love and imagination – that is what drives me and what ultimately appears on the plate.” Robert’s goal is to push the boundaries, to play, and to surprise. This is backed up by 15 years of experience and his membership in the most elite international association of pastry chefs, the Callebaut Chocolate Ambassadors club, as well as by his experience working with many pastry chefs from all over the world at the Chocolate Academy.